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We are a team of radically lazy humans and atypical founders, who firmly believe that humans are not meant to work, especially desk-bound corporate job

How the story begins...


The story begins with Luna and Roger building their first product Gemsouls back in 2021. It was a GPT-based AI character app for Gen-Z users, built way before generative AI became the hottest topic in Silicon Valley. They worked their a**es off for two years, building the technology, the brand, and an amazing user base of 1 million Gen-Z fans.

The birth of

In 2023, a lot changed. With the mind-blowing breakthrough in AI, Luna was met with A LOT of existential questions, not just as a founder, but as a human:

  • When our life is already so filled with AI, do we want the most human aspect of our lives - social connections - to be artificial?

  • If technology will eventually replace our brain and body, what makes a human human?

  • When AI exceeds our ability to work, what does the future of work look like?

  • In an era with so much uncertainty and change, how do we live a life of meaning?

It quickly became clear to Luna, that the dystopian world of Ready Player One was really not how she pictured the future of AI and humanity. Technology should be a force of liberation, not robbery of meaning.

With tears but now lighter hearts, we shut down Gemsouls. Having answered those existential questions, a new idea started shaping up.

We started building, creating a way to truly liberate humans from working at a desk:

  • You can hire teams of AI minions who coordinate among themselves to deliver work with one-click, from mundane to complex, from product design to running a campaign.

  • You can also distill your expertise into your own AI minions, so that they can get hired by other people and earn money for you.

Sound exciting? Yeah, thought so.

But you might ask, so what do humans do while AI does all the work?!

Build something. Create something. Dream up new things from scratch.

As history has showed us again and again, when efficiency peaks, humanity and creativity make a comeback and thrive.

We believe that the real gift that humans have is our ability to create, so we are here to take away repetitive work and let humans be humans.

Be still. And know that it will be done 😉

With love,

Luna and Roger

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