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Modelize Partnership Program

Earn $$$ with AI

Are you worried about your future career and earning in the age of AI?

Do you want to generate $1000+ recurring passive income using your skills?

Now you can with AI,


By becoming a partner for today. is a no-code platform for AI workflows

On, anyone can build mini AI apps for industry and function-specific AI workflows.


For repetitive work, using AI workflows can 10X the efficiency for a small team.


With our partners, we have already built 1000+ workflow templates and enabling users across Personal Productivity, Marketing, E-commerce, HR, Design, and more.

Sample workflows

We'd like to invite you to join this AI revolution.

If you are:

👩‍💻 a freelancer currently working with small businesses/teams, or

🧑‍💼 a well-connected industry professional influential in your circle, or

🧑‍🎓 a student looking to acquire some practical Sales and AI skills, or

🙋 a quick learner and a confident product evangelist


We want to partner with you to onboard your friends and clients onto!


And you can earn up to 50% of their recurring subscription fees.

Enjoying Cabin Terrace

Earning with us is EASY

All you have to do is...


Understand your friends & clients' business needs 

Simply start by asking your friends and clients what they are doing day-to-day and how they are hoping to increase efficiency with AI.


Help them find or build AI workflows based on needs

Search for existing workflows or use our drag-and-drop canvas tool to build a custom workflow for your clients.


Promote to your friends & clients is an easier AI solution than ChatGPT, with one-click workflows. Clients don't need to learn prompt engineering.


Use your referral code and start earning $$$

 Once someone signs up using your referral code, you will receive a deposit each month (for monthly subscription) or a lump-sum today (for annual subscription).

Unlock your earning potential today

Earning examples

Got more questions?

Email us at

"A lot of people in my family run small businesses in Texas, and helping them get on AI has totally changed the game for them"

Catherine W.

"I help all my clients set up on Modelize for their ongoing SEO content writing and polishing. They love it and it's really a win-win!"

Nick J.

"Modelize has a ton of workflows useful for entrepreneurs and small teams, especially for brands and e-commerce sellers. 

Edwin L.

"My clients and I use Modelize to collaborate on concept creation and it has increased satisfaction and efficiency!

Carrie R.

Happy Student

Social Media Intern

Smiling Young Man

SEO Specialist

Businessman Portrait

Business Consultant



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