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I reached 1K on LinkedIn. 0 cold messages.

Stop dumb networking. That's what you were told to do.

So you spent thousands of hours crafting personalized outreach messages.

Well, it's still not smart.

As a furniture salesman, I have managed to reach 1K+ potential buyers.

My method? An AI team and just 1 minute per message.

The ONLY step is to upload the LinkedIn profiles of my target leads to my tailored ChatGPT agents.

First, Linkedin Guru deeply analyzes the target person's profile to uncover his or her specific preferences, interests, and communication styles.

Seamlessly, Network Builder creates an outreach message that embodies the spirit of the audience profile. It aims for a toe that resonates with the audience, using language and references that speak directly to their needs and aspirations.

In just 10 minutes, I had 10 customized outreach messages, each a key ready to unlock a new professional relationship. The result? A flood of positive responses and new connections. AI doesn't mean cold templates. It is my networking partner. elevating the quality of my networking efforts, allowing me to focus on what I do best: building relationships and selling furniture.

Tailoring ChatGPT step by step can be a bit tricky. That's why I've assembled these AI agents in a workflow for you. Enjoy it, and achieve a smart network.

Simply input your needs and provide the targeted leads' LinkedIn links. Feel free to update the links as needed.

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