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My #1 start-up tip

99% of people never reach their lifetime goals.

This year, I've hit mine.

My first $200k year.

My first Forbes feature.

For us regular start-ups without blue blood, "Just do it" is more like a leap into the unknown.

I was a code programmer with a keen interest in Bitcoin before it became widely known. I aspired to launch an IT company focused on Bitcoin.

But how? Would it be reckless to invest in Bitcoin? I had minimal knowledge about business and couldn't afford a consultant.

I delved into AI. It took me 3 hours to tailor ChatGPT. Then, I requested, "Conduct a SWOT analysis of bitcoin mining."

What I obtained was not just data; it was valuable insight. The AI examined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Bitcoin mining with the precision of a seasoned analyst.

But it didn't stop there. The AI went on to summarize the SWOT analysis, offering strategic advice for a novice like me.

Thanks to this free, comprehensive SWOT analysis, I transformed my interest in Bitcoin into a real, thriving business. Today, as I celebrate my first $200K year, I want to share this experience with others who are standing at the crossroads of their start-up dreams.

Remember: The right tools can transform uncertainty into clarity, and curiosity into strategy.

Tailoring ChatGPT step by step for your start-up analysis can be troublesome, so I've assembled these AI interactions into ONE workflow. Enjoy working with your free business partner, ready to turn your start-up dream into a success.

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