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🔥Viral Video Studio - TikTok Video Showcase

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Imagine this: You're a foodie adventurer, eager to explore the culinary wonders of Shanghai and share them with the world. Your "Explore Shanghai Bites" channel is a canvas waiting to be painted with the vibrant colors of street food. But how do you transform your vision into a sassy, 5-minute video that leaves your viewers craving for more?

User input: My channel called "Explore Shanghai Bites" focuses on shooting different kinds of food and places in Shanghai. I want to make a video in 5 mins., Modelize AI, Modelize, Modelizeai, AI Agent, AI Teams, Multi Agents, ai prompt, AI Assistants, AI workflow, Chatgpt, upwork, Hire AI Agents, Freelance with AI, MetaGPT, langchain, Remote Work Solutions,Future of Work, Services
Auto video-making workflow in

Step 1:🌶️Funny Social Media Guru <Brainstorm a video idea>

Enter stage left, the 🌶️Funny Social Media Guru! With the brainstorming prowess of a genius, this AI agent sparks an idea that sizzles - a street food showdown like no other. "Shanghai Street Food Showdown: Old vs. New" is born, promising to dive deep into the heart of Shanghai's culinary battleground, pitting traditional street food against modern fusion bites. The kicker? Humor, fast cuts, witty commentary, and even a gong-wielding "referee" to rate each dish. Title: "Shanghai Street Food Showdown: Old vs. New" Description: Dive into the heart of Shanghai's culinary battleground as we pit traditional street food against modern fusion bites! In a fast-paced 5-minute adventure, you'll indulge in nostalgic classics like jianbing and tanghulu, then clash them with trendy creations like baozi burgers and bubble tea-inspired desserts. 🌶️ Add humor by having a "referee" with a gong rating each dish. 🎥 Fast cuts, witty commentary, and close-ups to keep viewers engaged. 📣 Encourage viewers to vote for their winner in the comments. This video will be a flavorful feast for the eyes and taste buds, sparking debates and discussions in the comments section! 🔥🍔🍡

Step 2: 💼 GENIUS Creative Director <Write an outline>

Step 3: 🔥Viral Scripts Writer <Write Video scripts>

Step 4: 💼 GENIUS Creative Director <Create video title and description> input:

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