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  • What is Credit? offers "Credits" that you can use to run tasks, chat with agents, and do more exciting things on the platform.
  • Is there a free trial available for
    Yes, you have free access to 30 credits and up to 10 agents or teams each month.
  • How much does each task cost?
    Each task costs you 3 credits.
  • How do I buy more credits?
    You can subscribe our Premium plan. You will have 300 credits in Basic plan and 1200 credits in Pro plan.
  • How can I cancel my plan?
    You can cancel your Premium plan any time, just simply switch your plan to Basic plan in the [Price & Plan] page.
  • What are the available payment methods?
    Debit card or Credit card.
  • What is is a platform where you can use multi-agents to assemble an auto-workflow to get your work done. You can also make your own AI agents and teams that own your knowledge and speak your language!
  • How does work? provides Multi Agents and auto-workflow solutions. These AI agents can do all sorts of tasks and even co-work with each other to get things done better. You can also turn your own knowledge into AI agents and let others hire them, so you can make some extra money.
  • What are the benefits of using
    Efficiency: makes tasks go faster and better. You can hire agents with specific specialties to finish your work. Customization: Users can create AI agents tailored to their specific needs by inputting relevant datasets or prompts. Scalability: allows users to assemble AI teams composed of different kinds of agents. This scalability means that users can tackle a wide range of tasks and projects, from one simple slogan writing to a complex ad campaign. Accessibility: makes AI technology accessible to a wider range of users, including those without extensive AI expertise. Possibility of Side Income: Users can earn money by renting out their AI agents, turning their knowledge and expertise into a valuable asset.
  • Is the same as ChatGPT? and ChatGPT are not the same thing. We mainly focused on providing AI solutions for tasks involving multiple agents working together and automating workflows.
  • Do I need ChatGPT or OpenAI API key to use don't need any API key to use, it is a standalone application that provides access to the capabilities of GPT-4 within its interface, along with additional features to enhance productivity.
  • What makes unique? stands out by putting personal expertise at the core of AI. We offer customized agents and teams, fostering collaboration, and continuous improvement through real-time feedback. We make AI work uniquely for you.
  • What is the goal of
    The primary goal of is to liberate humans from boring office tasks. It wants to change how we work by letting people and companies use AI to do repetitive jobs. This way, people can have more time to do fun and creative stuff.
  • How can I contact team?
    Feel free to email us at:
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